Cher working on Broadway life story

Cher has announced that she is working on a Broadway show about her life. The age-defying singer tweeted that it would need three different actresses to portray her at different stages in her career.

Cher’s Twitter feed doesn’t pay much attention to grammar, spelling or lucidity, as she admits, blaming it on dyslexia, but we managed to glean the information that the show is aimed at Broadway and that "Its VERY SLOW PROCESS! Been working on it quite a while now."

We can forgive those 66 year-old fingers slipping onto the caps lock key now and then, especially given the ups and downs of her career. The musical will portray Cher at three stages in her career: before she met husband and musical partner Sonny Bono, after the couple separated through to her Believe tour in 1999, and in the present day. "They all 3 talk 2 each other &Sing 2gether," Cher tweeted, with the lexical dexterity of a woman 50 years younger.

Cher will have a close involvement in the writing process as "I was there and know stories that nobody knows but me." Her management stressed that the show was still some way off completion, leaving plenty of time for at least two more comeback tours before it hits the stage.

Her Farewell Tour in 2005 hinted that it would be her last (maybe the clue was in the title), but earlier this year she announced a new tour beginning in September, with a lavish stage set that changes for every song.

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