Cheryl Coel to go R&B

Sometimes, when there's a spare moment, one wonders whether you might see a day where Cheryl Cole doesn't get mentioned by gossip sites or the tabloid press. Every now and again you feel like maybe this time the fuss about her and her music might die down, that it's somebody else's turn by now, right?

Wrong. Cole is back in the news again, this time for the apparently 'urban' direction that her next album will be taking. Apparently the Girls Aloud singer is trying to line up work with Nicki Minaj and Eminem, as well as Rihanna and Usher, meaning that her music is set to take a radical turn. Still, Chezza doing R&B, eh? What could possibly go wrong?

'Cheryl's album is finally coming together now and is sounding incredible,' said some source to the Daily Star. 'It's completely different to anything she's brought out before and has much more of an urban vibe to her previous pop-based stuff. There's a lot of heavy beats and it has a real old-school flavour to it. There's one track in particular on her album which Will.i.am thinks would be perfect to have Nicki's (Manij) vocals on.'

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