Cheryl Cole and Alex Da Kid working together

We know that all music fans literally can't wait for Cheryl Cole's third album: we're sure - as all of you are too - that it will be packed full of pop gems, like, um, that song she did. You remember that, right?

Anyway, Cole is working with Grammy Award-winning hip-hop producer Alex Da Kid, and apparently they're getting on much better than your average producer and artist. Cue tabloid quotes that insinuate that there's a bit more to their relationship than meets the eye: we wonder what it must be like having constant speculation surround your love life?

'Cheryl and Alex have struck up a great relationship and have been living in each other's pockets for the past week,' a source told The Sun. 'Some of the recording sessions have run into the very early hours with just the two of them and a laptop in their hotel rooms.

'Cheryl has been suffering from jet lag and couldn't sleep, so they have just worked through the night. It hasn't all been work - they've enjoyed some play too. If the music is going to work then they need to find their own chemistry.'

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