Cheryl Cole set to release feisty new song called I Don't Care | November 9 2014

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Cheryl Cole is about to release a new single after a mini hiatus from the music charts. Her new song is titled I Don't Care and it is a feisty number which the singer says represents her new found attitude to life.

The song feels like a bit of an emotional release for Cheryl and she certainly blows off some steam in the chorus which goes: "I don't care, And it feels so ****ing good to say I swear, That I don't care. And everywhere, there are ordinary hearts that don't play fair, But I don't care."

Speaking about the vibe of the song and the lyrics, Cheryl said that she is "a woman now". She added "I'm at that age where things don't bother me like they used to. I still care about things, but I've discovered what's important to care about, and what's most definitely not."

I Don't Care is the second single to appear from the X Factor judge's forthcoming album Only Human which is set to be released in November. It will be her fourth solo album since breaking out on her own from Girls Aloud which is no mean feat. The new single follows her Number 1 hit from the summer Crazy Stupid Love off of the eagerly anticipated album and it is catchy enough that it could also hit the top of the charts along with driving album sales.

VIDEO Cheryl's new single 'I Don't Care' (Explicit)

Ashley Cole's ex is now going by the name Cheryl Fernandez-Versini after she wed husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini in a secret ceremony this summer. Due to the name change, the singer is now just using Cheryl as her stage name cutting out the difficulty for fans trying to call her by her full name.

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