Cheryl Cole to record third album with David Guetta

Just when you think that Cheryl Cole is out of the news, she pops right back in there with a bombshell: this time it's been rumoured that she's going to record her third album with ubiquitous house music don David Guetta.

According to The Mirror, who as always has an impeccable source (presumably), Will.i.am has lined up a session with the pair, which will almost certainly produce big, big hits.

'Cheryl will be a top solo star in the US, if Will has anything to do with it,' the source told the tabloid. 'The man is so well connected, and he sleeps, breathes and eats music.

'He has a studio at home in which he is trying out new sounds for Cheryl. He wants the best and is very picky. David is an old friend and has produced some of the best dance anthems of the past few years, so it's a good place to start.'

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