Cheryl not part of the Cowell harem

Cheryl Cole has said that she wants to forget about all the X Factor business and concentrate on her music career. Glossing over the fact that her music career started with a TV talent show, Cole now wants to position herself as a recording artist first and foremost.

In an interview with The Observer, Cole said she was fed up with all the speculation about when she would join a talent show judging panel again. "There's been so much, to put it bluntly, crap, written about it – the whys, hows and ifs," she said. "I don't speak. I never do speak. Just let them get on with their little side of it and I'll get on with making music. I came from reality TV, but I'm not that person who got famous from Big Brother, and that's all my life is about."

Cole talked candidly about her professional relationship with Simon Cowell. I read something about him being creepy, but he was never creepy to me," she said. "He never insinuated anything other than work. Ever."

Cowell told Cole that she had an ability to manipulate him. "I said: 'Simon, seriously – you've become so cynical that you think people manipulate you, but I'm not one of those people. Maybe what confuses you is that I don't play with you; you can't buy me.'"

Cole was positively outraged at the suggestion that she might be considered part of Cowell’s harem. "No! I'm definitely not," she insisted. "And I think that's what annoys him. I'm my own person. Even the fact that we're talking about him is irritating."

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