Choir lead Cobain in festive number one battle

X Factor winners Little Mix, the late Kurt Cobain, and a bunch of military wives – this year’s battle for the Christmas number one is even more bizarre than usual.

In the era of digital downloads, chart placings have become less significant for most of the year, when you would be hard-pressed to name the top-selling single. The Christmas number one position, though, remains a coveted achievement.

The bookmakers’ favourites are the Military Wives Choir with their single Wherever You Are, with odds of 1-2 the best on offer. The release was the result of a TV reality show, The Choir, which featured some raw and unrefined voices being trained and combined to create a commercial sound.

Little Mix are hoping their version of Damien Rice’s power ballad Cannonball can achieve another festive number one for Simon Cowell, at odds of 15-8. The group was the result of a TV reality show, X Factor, which featured some raw and unrefined voices being... well you get the gist.

Rather less festive, the Nirvana raw and unrefined classic Smells Like Teen Spirit is this year’s "anything but X Factor" candidate, part of a Facebook campaign to counter reality show manufactured music. In addition to downloads, the song has also been re-released on 7" vinyl to appeal to all those Luddite grunge fan completists. You can get 7 times your money if you fancy this to top the chart.

Also in the running are singles from Cobain’s celestial pal Amy Winehouse, quoted at 33-1, and Cee Lo Green at 66-1.

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