Chris Martin: 'every album feels like the last'

Chris Martin has revealed that when Coldplay finish a record, it always feels as though it'll be the last one they ever produce. Bit of a coincidence that, as we feel pretty much the same – we're always wrong, though.

Anyway, Martin says that the only thing that got them into the studio after finishing previous album 'Viva La Vida' was a letter From Brian Eno, in which he said they could make a better record than the last one. Which seems kind of obvious to us, in fairness. Maybe they'll get there with 'Mylo Xyloto', eh?

'When we finished the last record Viva La Vida, we were all feeling pretty pleased with ourselves when it was, like, number one or whatever,' he said. 'Then Brian Eno wrote to us and said, 'Dear Coldplay. I really think we've made a good record here. But I do think we can do a lot better, and I feel we all need to get back to work as soon as possible'.

'I always feel like each record is our last, but at the moment I'm in the stage where I really mean it. I just can't imagine how we would do another one, because we've thrown everything. When it's finished, we won't have been able to put more work into it, which I guess is the only thing we can really do.'

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