Christina's critics told to eff off

As her new album Bionic launches in the US, Christina Aguilera has already planned her response to critics with a fashion statement t-shirt bearing the words: 'And if you don't like it, F**k you.'

The message, composed of a line from the first recording off the new album, Not Myself Tonight is the latest in a line of publicity seeking stunts that has seen Christina turn from America's apple pie pop princess (singing to G.Is in the video for single 'Candy Man') to something a little more Gaga-esque and a lot less wholesome.

Christina has never shied away from expressing her sexuality and feelings about female empowerment on stage but is it just us or does the smell of PR stunts hang heavy in the air as she reinvents herself (again), this time as a PVC-clad, sex-fuelled S&M dominatrix..? The Sun comments that in her performance for the recent MTV Movie awards, she 'displayed plenty of X-rated material', noting that the 'male dancers couldn't keep their hands off the singer during the routine.' Oh to be popular again, eh Christina?

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