Christmas No1

This is the all important week when PR machines go into overdrive to help push their songs to become the Christmas number 1 for 2010. The obvious fave is going to X-Factor winner Matt Cardle’s cover of Biffy Clyro but if you buy just one song, make it Cage Against The Machine.

In a fight back against Simon Cowell and his woeful dominance of karaoke nonsense, the Cage Against The Machine campaign wants to see John Cage’s avant garde 4 minutes 33 seconds of silence get to number one. The new version of the track, yes, there’s a new version of silence, features the likes of the Kooks, Rev John Mclure and Crystal Fighters and if you don’t get the giggles when Fearne Cotton announces the festive top spot on the Top Of The Pops Xmas day special, then its all for charity too. What’s not to like? Go. Buy. It Now.

Early iTunes sales show that’s it’s already in the top 40.

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