‘Classic’-sounding new REM album

Peter Buck, gutarist with REM, claims the group has refound its ‘classic’ sound with new album Collapse Into Now

Buck told the NME how the band feels confident ahead of releasing the new record in early March.

’I've always tended to not say it's the greatest record we've ever done because that's what everyone does and it's usually bullshit,’ he said. ‘But this feels like every song all the way through is great.’

He added: ‘I hate to say that, but that's just the feeling. It's got some beautiful, heartbreaking things and well as some really noisy rock and everything in between. It sounds really classic.’

And, as if anything else were needed to lure you into listening to the album, note that it also features cameos from Patti Smith, Eddie Vedder and Peaches. What’s not to like?

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