Cliff in Vegas

Will Cliff Richard ever leave us alone? Apparently, the old stager’s next trick is to record an album of duets with some legends of the soul world, including Candi Staton, Percy Sledge and Freda Payne, The Guardian reports.

And the project will climax in a glitzy performance in Las Vegas, according to the record’s executive producer, David Gest.

‘I have never made it in the States,’ 70-year-old Richard said. ‘And I think it is jolly well about time.’

That’s the spirit Cliff. The album will be a mix of covers and new material. Gest tantalised the press at a launch on Monday with speculation that contemporary artists will appear on the record. ‘Can't say who yet,’ he said. ‘But don't be shocked if there is a rapper or two on one of these records.’

Cliff himself still feels that his rock ‘n’ roll credentials are unfairly overlooked by the DJs who refuse to play him, and the public who still haven’t forgiven him for the woefully bad Millenium Prayer. ‘Sometimes the public make a mistake – as do DJs – where they compartmentalise us,’ he said. ‘ I'm the goody two-shoes who sings Living Doll? Sorry – I do Devil Woman as well.’

With the new album, Cliff has another chance to set the record straight that he’s really a risk-taking edgy character, and not in fact a Dail Mail-reading, tennis -watching born again Christian. He said that if it’s a success then he will ‘have died and gone to heaven.’

Is that a promise?

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