Clyro: 'cool it over Cowell'

Under normal circumstances, you might expect rockers Biffy Clyro to be exactly the sort of band you'd find joining an anti-X-Factor protest like the re-recording of John Cage's '4'33'' (that's four and a half minutes of silence, avant-jazz fans) to beat X-winner Matt Cardle to the Christmas number one slot. But it seems they actually don't mind a bit of Cowell. The NME has peeked into its archives and recalled that earlier in the year, fit Frontman Simon Neil said, 'Simon Cowell isn't the devil, he's just someone who wants to make loads of money, and fair play to him.'

Of course, cynics might say it's hardly surprising the band are saying nice things, given that Mr. Cardle is releasing a Biffy Song - the oddly-titled 'Many of Horror.' But in fairness, these remarks seem to be from before the band got sucked into the Cowell machine.

But will this support from a vaguely-credible act be enough to help Cardle beat the Cage campaign? We'll have an idea from the midweeks on Wednesday - be sure to check back for our report...

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