Cohen's ex-manager found guilty of harassment

Leonard Cohen’s ex-manager has been found guilty on a charge of harassing the veteran Canadian singer. Kelley Lynch could face a 5 year prison sentence for her campaign of harassment and abuse.

Cohen cut his ties with Lynch in 2004, accusing her of stealing $5 million from his in earnings and royalties. He sued her in 2005 in an attempt to recover the money. Giving evidence in the current case he said that Lynch lied about him being a drug addict in an attempt to damage his reputation.

It emerged that Kelley's stream of messages accused the 77 year-old Cohen of tax evasion and perjury. Voicemail messages would go on for more than 10 minutes and Lynch would say that Cohen "needed to be taken down and shot". Cohen said the campaign made his life "a complete and utter living hell".

The Los Angeles court also found Lynch guilty of violating court orders forbidding her to have any contact with the singer. Her lawyer claimed that Lynch was making a "cry for help" provoked by the loss of her career.

Since splitting from Lynch, Cohen’s career has undergone a surge in interest and success, with widespread acclaim for his live shows around the world. He released his 12th studio album Old Ideas in January.

Cohen will play a one-off show at Hop Farm Country Park in Kent on September 8. The singer is scheduled to play a 3-hour set with supporting artists. It will be the only UK show on his 2012 tour.

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