Coldplay explain 'Mylo Xyloto' title

Coldplay have explained the meaning behind the name for their new album Mylo Xyloto, saying that it doesn't actually mean anything at all. That's handy isn't it? We could have worked that out for ourselves, frankly.

Lead singer Chris Martin says that the band chose the name solely because it looked nice written down (look at all those lovely O's, eh?), and that it represented the album's musical feel. However, he doesn't explain how it represents the music, which might have at least been interesting – oh well.

'We did take a gun and kind of shoot it right at our shoes,' said Martin. 'It's just an attempt to... it just feels fresh to us, it's new. It doesn't mean anything except that (album's) music. It sort of has a nice appearance to it. with all those Os. We had it on one of our many lists for about two years and for all the other titles that were suggested, it kept winning.

'Maybe in the old days before anyone knew what a Snickers was, that word would have sounded weird as well, or Google... or Yahoo! So why not try and invent something new?'

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