Coldplay forced to cancel concert in Tampa

Coldplay have been forced to cancel a gig in Tampa, Florida for unspecified "medical reasons". Chris Martin & Co. were scheduled to play at the Ford Amphitheatre this evening but had to pull out at the last minuted due to illness.

The band behind such hits as Viva La Vida Loca and Yellow have promised to reschedule the date. An official statement on Coldplay's website spoke about the cancellation: "We're sorry to report that Coldplay have been forced to postpone their show at the Ford Amphitheatre in Tampa on Sunday, August 9th. This is due to medical reasons.

"The show is currently being rescheduled - we'll give you the new details as soon as we have them. In the meantime, the band have asked us to apologize on their behalf for the inconvenience this causes."

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