Coldplay fragrance and theme park on their way

Rock star in self-awareness shock! Chris Martin of Coldplay demonstrated a degree of humility (a word he may have to explain to his perplexed wife Gwyneth) after the Brit Awards, saying that Coldplay’s recognition was down to a lack of viable alternatives.

Talking to the Daily Mirror, Martin explained that Coldplay were the only sizeable band left in contention for the Best Band award. "To be honest, most British bands have split up," he said. "Blur have gone, Pulp have gone, Take That are on holiday, we're the only British band left on the pitch! But we'll take that."

His suggestion that "Blur have gone" implies that, after Coldplay’s opening song and their award, Chris and the band sloped off home for their non-dairy cocoa rather than hang around for the rest of the ceremony, which featured rather a lot of Blur performing live.

A quick glance at the shortlist in their category though does somewhat support Martin’s contention that there are not a lot of alternative options out there. Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian and Elbow are all a little passé, while drum and bass duo Chase and Status would be rather bemused to find themselves described as a "band".

Martin was in uncharacteristically playful form in the interview, suggesting that Coldplay would be expanding their interests: "All we want to do now is release a fragrance, open a few restaurants and open a theme park, JLS-style. We're hoping to have it tied up by 2016, look out for that."

Can’t wait.

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