Coldplay hypnotised for new album

British rockers Coldplay attempted to write their new album under hypnosis at the insistence of legendary producer Brian Eno.

Needless to say, their attempts didn't amount to much. Bass player Guy Berryman said: "We're not afraid to try different things. Brian Eno brought a friend in and the four of us were playing music under hypnosis.

"It didn't really come to anything. You try ten ideas and only one works. But nothing is too stupid for us."

Eno, 63, is known for his eccentric methods and has produced albums such as U2's Achtung Baby, The Talking Head's More Songs About Buildings and Food, and Grace Jones' Hurricane.

Meanwhile, frontman Chris Martin revealed that releasing Mylo Xyloto made him feel "suicidal" because he feared a backlash from fans. The album is set to go straight to Number One this Sunday.

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