Coldplay? More like Boringplay!

Yes, we know this is a black & white blatant plug for a well known chain of UK motorway motels, but it does make for some eye-opening reading. Well, maybe it does. Travelodge have asked a string of their customers which musical acts they like to listen to if they fancied a spot of shut-eye.

They’ve been called music for bed-wetters by music maestro Alan McGee and now Coldplay can add the prized accolade of being the perfect band to send people to sleep. That’s meant to be a compliment by the way. Completing the snore-bore top 3 were granma’s favourite modern day warbler Michael Buible at number 2 and Snow Patrol at number 3.

Amazingly R.E.M,. didn’t even make the top 10. See below for confirmation...

1. Coldplay
2. Michael Buble
3. Snow Patrol
4. Alicia Keys
5. Jack Johnson
6. Taylor Swift
7. Mozart
8. Barry White
9. Leona Lewis
10. Radiohead

I don't know why, but I have an urge to spend a weekend in a Travelodge.

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