Coldplay release details about new song

Some Coldplay flunky has revealed some information on some of the band's new music, which is to be taken form their new album Mylo Xyloto.

The new track is called 'Up In Flames', which was apparently written before the band's iTunes gig in July, and has caused their roadie to completely lose it on the bands blog, wibbling on as though he were a starry-eyed fan. Read this dreck below, and tell us that this song song doesn't sound like a horrible cloying piece of Dad Rock rubbish. Go, we dare you.

'Apparently, Chris (Martin) had started the song the previous night, so it was less than 24 hours old at that point. It was hypnotic in its simplicity, but devastatingly, achingly gorgeous. The final version has lost none of this and is a masterwork of restraint.

'It hasn't been crammed with a million ideas and embellishments. Every part is there simply to enhance the emotional impact. I can only predict floods of tears in every quarter.'

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