Coldplay Split?

There are a few pessimistic musos who would love to see Coldplay hang up their instruments & Fairtrade plasters and split up for good, but for every one of them there are a million fans of the music-for-bed-wetters who would be devastated by the news.

Now that the middle class boys from Coldplay have wrapped up their monstrous Viva La Vida World Tour, they each have some spare time on their hands. Bass player Guy Berryman has been the first to announce his solo-project. Titled Apparatjik (pronounced Apparatjik) the musical venture also features Aha’s Magne Furuholmen and Mew’s Jonas Bjerre.

Their debut single ‘Electric Eye’ will be available in all good (and some bad) download stores on November 30th, with an album to follow in the new year.

In the meantime check out their one-off track ‘Ferreting' which was sneakily used on a recent episode of BBC2’s telly show ‘Amazon’ with Bruce Pary.

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