Coldplay to headline Glasto 2011

We’re not even a month away from Glastonbury 2010 but thanks to organiser Michael Eavis, we now know who will be headlining the 2011 hippy extravaganza.

The coolest farmer to ever grace a field appeared on BBC 6 Music to ramp up excitement for the upcoming 40th anniversary of Glasto. But when probed about who would appear at next year's bash he neglected to give away only minor clues, instead shouting out, ‘Coldplay - they've played four or five times already but they'll be back next year, I'm sure of it.’

Coldplay last headlined the legendary Pyramid Stage in 2005, but who will be joining them in 2011? Our bets are on Bob Dylan and Kings Of Leon. Let the rumours start now. Glastonbury Festival 2010 will be headlined by Muse, U2 and Stevie Wonder and takes place on the final weekend of June.

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