Collabro storm through Britain's Got Talent 2014 to take home winners prize

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Who says opera and musicals are boring? The musical theatre boy band Collabro were crowned Britain's Got Talent winners for 2014 at the weekend in a result that justified their short odds with the bookies this season on the talent show. The win crowns a meteoric rise for the group culminating in Saturday night's victory.

Collabro is made up of Matt, Richard, Thomas, Michael and Jamie who are all new to singing in front of large audiences. Matt is a salesman for a kitchen company, Michael is a sales assistant and Jamie is a hospital worker. Thomas earns his keep working in a local Japanese restaurant while Richard is a labourer. The lads all got together to share their love of singing and they can now literally give up the day jobs and focus on their music careers.

Although they had only been together a month before their BGT audition, Collabro impressed Simon, Alesha, Amanda and David with their rousing rendition of Les Miserables Stars and they got a standing ovation from the audience. Simon admitted to being pleasantly surprised by the boys given their relatively short preparation time.

In their Semi-final, they performed Bring Him Home and once again received a huge reaction from the crowd before advancing to the final as winners on the night. Then, in Saturday's final, they sang Stars once again and had the audience back on their feet for a third performance in a row while picking up the £250,000 winners cheque in the process.

Collabro wasted no time in thanking everybody with a tweet immediately after the show saying "THANK YOU TO ALL OUR #COLLABORATORS we love you SOOOO much xx". They have emerged as the Britain's Got Talent winners for 2014 and it has been a highly successful season with some truly memorable acts on display.

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