Come together, right now, for charidee

Elder statesmen of the British pop scene Blur have been cajoled back into the studio for yet another reunion, and this time they’re releasing a new single for next week. The band are speeding out the new track (their first since Good Song seven years ago) after fans went wild for the documentary No Distance Left To Run.

The track is being released in order to publicise Record Store Day, which is an effort by the music industry to help save music shops battered by technological advances. Unfortunately for fans only 1,000 copies are being released, meaning that the song will quickly end up online, ironically slamming another nail in the coffin of traditional music retail. Didn’t think about that, did you Damon?

‘We want independent record stores to continue,’ said Damon Albarn, clearly thinking how rubbish modern life is. ‘They're an important part of our musical culture. Music is a simple way for Blur to show our support and we hope people like it.’

‘Initially, Damon had no intention of going back into the studio with Blur,’ said some source of other. ‘He's been very busy with Gorillaz. But he couldn't resist seeing if the magic was still there with his old chums. And it was. They've recorded a limited-edition 7in single which will be released a week tomorrow.’

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