First they axed it, then the public complained, then it came back for a couple of Christmas Specials, then Simon Cowell offered to buy it. Now, and finally, Top Of The Pops is to make a comeback.

Before you dance around your PC like it's 1979, TOTP won’t be returning to our small screens in it’s usual guise, actually, that’s exactly what it will be doing. The BBC have confirmed that BBC Four will re-broadcast TOTP from the year 1976 with repeats to KO in it's original slot of a Thursday evening at 7.30pm from 17th April.

Talking about the show, BBC Four controller Richard Klein also didn't rule out a proper live contemporary comeback, when asked, he said: ‘Let's see how it goes’. It’s Thursday, it’s 7.30, it’s BBC Four, this is Top Of The Pops.

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