Comic book capers

Whilst thinking about how musicians have crossed between the franchises of self-expression, the only artist we could think of that became a feature on day-time television, as well as being a member of a world-famous, multi-billion pound music group was when Ringo Starr of 'The Beatles' narrated the 'Thomas the Tank Engine' children's series for tv. An internet search might've helped...

...lead us to the fact that Britney Spears, or more importantly the character of Britney Spears, playing herself (yes, this is existential), will feature in her own comic book series, Music-News.com informs us.

Spears, who is 'is far more complicated than most people realise' - according to Ian McCray, writer of soon-to-be published animated magazine 'Fame: Britney Spears' - will be the lead figure in the biographical epic, which will chart her rise from Disney Club pre-teen to platinum-selling blonde bombshell.

'Darren G. Davis ' Bluewater President and founder of the American publishers ' says the aim of the comic is to show people the real Britney.'

'He added: 'She was created in the internet age to be put on a pedestal, but no one can stand the glaring lights of celebrity that intensely. The title seeks to find the person within.''

And who we will find at the core of Britney remains to be seen...

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