Common scent

In what must rate as one of the most bizarre music stories of the last month or so, 'conscious' rapper Common is releasing a 'fragrance for men', carefully scotching all those rumours that he might be, you know, one of those homosexualists that hip-hoppers get so strangely angry about.

Making it even worse for himself and everyone else, according to the NME he's teamed up with appalling designer brand Diesel (who have never, ever made a piece of clothing worth wearing) for his 'Only The Brave' scent.

The man himself – or the marketing department at least – claims that the whiff is 'inspired by visionary artists, icons and rebels', and will be performing shows to promote the pong, including one at a Diesel store in LA on 20 May. If you fancy being part of a new low in hip-hop, be there. However, we trust you have enough self respect not too, right?

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