Corgan rant about Radiohead

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan provides the latest brilliant example of a pot calling a kettle black, by suggesting that Radiohead are "pompous". The shiny-domed elderly uncle of grunge risks starting a undignified squabble with the ponderous, but well-educated masters of Thames Valley progressive stadium-rock.

Corgan was talking to Antiquiet in confused and profane terms about contemporary rock’s failure to earn his respect. "I can't think of any people outside of Weird Al Yankovic who have both embraced and pi**ed on rock more than I have," he said. "Obviously there's a level of reverence, but there's also a level of intelligence to even know what to p**s on."

Not following you Billy, could you offer an example of who exactly is on the receiving end of your frankly unhygienic urination habit? "I'm not pi**ing on Rainbow. I'm not pi**ing on Deep Purple. But I'll pi** on f***ing Radiohead, because of all this pomposity. This value system that says Jonny Greenwood is more valuable than Ritchie Blackmore. Not in the world I grew up in."

Ah, yes, we know that world, Billy. We’ve seen Wayne’s World. Corgan seems to be yearning for the dumb simplicity of those adolescent days when suburban kids could shake their lank hair to a mindless guitar solo.

"Is Ritchie Blackmore a better guitar player than me and Jonny Greenwood?" Corgan asks, not noticing that everybody has wandered off. "Yes. I'm attacking the pomposity that says this is more valuable than that. I'm sick of that."

That’s OK Billy. Sounds like it might be time for your nap.

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