Could Cliff Richard be the new Michael Jackson?

His rock ’n’ roll credentials forever tarnished by Mistletoe and Wine and the truly dreadful Millenium Prayer, it seems all Cliff Richard has to justifiably shout about these days is his much vaunted record of having had number ones in each decade going back to dinosaur times - and, of course, his impromptu Wimbledon performance.

But wait. News just in reports that our Cliff is to record a duet with the remnants of the Jackson 5 – that’s Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy – on the Living Doll hitmaker’s new album of Motown duets.

A source said: ‘Cliff and members of the Jackson 5 could be one of the collaborations for the album. Hopefully they'll be recording something in the spring.’

That’s probably so as not to interfere with Cliff’s Summer Holiday.

The new album is reportedly being produced by David Gest, whose a close friend of the Jackson brood.

Bold As Brass, Cliff’s last studio album, came out in 2010 and peaked at number three in the UK album chart.

Fans of the Cliffmeister will surely be on the edge of their seats. Detractors of the man will no doubt feel like they’re on some sort of precipice too.

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