Could Rihanna be pregnant and expecting her first child?

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Rihanna has gotten tongues wagging with a song from her latest album which hints that she may be pregnant. Fans have been whipped into a frenzy at the thoughts that RiRi could be expecting her first child and are putting all their faith in the line in question being literal.

A song on her upcoming album R8 includes lyrics that mention a "baby that is growing inside of me". She shared a sneak peak of the new song with fans via her Instagram account and a huge amount of publicity was generated in the aftermath.

@JimmyFenty quizzed the star about one of the male vocalists on the track by tweeting "but who is the male singer when they play it the 2nd time?" to which Rihanna replied cryptically with "OH?!". To further fan the flames, it has also been reported that the singer has banned all weed smoking in her recording studio.

People have been playing the guessing game online and the two frontrunners to be daddy seem to be either Drake or her ex squeeze Chris Brown. Rihanna and Drake were linked romantically earlier in the year which means that if she is actually pregnant then he is a far more likely candidate that Chris Brown who has just split with model Karrueche Tran.

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