Courtney Love sells her clothes on eBay

Poor Courtney Love must have hit hard times following her infamous Twitter tirade which will set her back almost half a million dollars in damages. According to music-news.com Courtney Love has set up an eBay store to sell her old clothes, including the long silk dress she recently wore to the ‘Henry’s Crime’ premiere.

The Hole frontwoman, who launched her own fashion blog whatcourtneyworetoday.com last summer has now set up her own store on eBay called Courtney Love Couture. Love, never one to shy away from controversy, will have to settle the Twitter lawsuit with fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir through an extended payment plan that will stretch all the way through to 2014; it’s no wonder she is taking desperate measures to make some money!

If things don’t pick up though, it’s going to take even longer than 3 years to make her money back. A vintage red baby doll dress is currently going for around $400 with just 6 hours of bidding left. The item is specified as ‘OWNED’ rather than ‘WORN’, but who knows which will render the item more valuable? It’s hard to say, isn’t it?

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