Cowell telling porkies

The other week Simon Cowell told the world that he had offered Jon and Tracy Morter jobs at his record company SyCo after their campaign to get Rage Against The Machine to Christmas number one ahead of X Factor’s latest factory line non-entity Joe McElderry succeeded. Well it turns out the evil king of reality telly was telling porkies. Or at least he might have been.

Jon Morter revealed that they have not received, accepted or rejected any job offers from the bad-trousered one at any point since their campaign started, although this might be due to the fact that they haven’t had time to check all their emails, what with them becoming the spokespeople for a movement that temporarily toppled the world of the pop svengali.

‘Our inboxes for Facebook, Twitter, emails have gone stratospheric,' he said. 'So to be honest we haven't a clue if anyone has offered us anything. We certainly have not accepted or refused anything.’

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