Crawling with bands

Now normally going out in Camden sets our teeth on edge. It's a dirty, unlovable pit of a place where Hertfordshire indie kids and sloping goths crowd expensive and ugly pubs while the latest EP from some soon-to-be-forgotten trilby no-mark plays in the background.

However, in an uncharacteristic about face, we actually really love the Camden Crawl, even though it's all those things times ten, and with added idiots with BlackBerrys walking around looking to find where Carl Barat eats his curry.

One of the main reasons we like it is because ska and pop legends Madness play a gig there, reminding everyone that they're actual locals, so the place can't be all bad. Plus they have a cracking array of pop classics and are great live – so make sure you go along to see them, if you can find out which one of the 40 venues they're playing in.

Elsewhere, Kasabian, The Enemy, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Fall are all showing their faces, so if you want to go, check out their website for ticket details. It kicks off tomorrow so in you're anywhere near London get yourself down there.

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