Culture Club to 'make a statement’ with new album

Boy George has revealed that the new Culture Club record will be a ‘statement’ of sorts.

The singer will reunite with his former bandmates to make a new record - marking the 30th anniversary of the group. What it will sound like is anyone’s guess but one thing’s for sure – the group won’t be trying to compete the current pop crop.

‘We're not going to try and compete with Tinchy Stryder or anyone like that,’ Boy George told the Metro.

‘I don't think there's any point really. From my point of view the pop landscape has changed so much and trying to sort of be part of that would be a waste of our time.’

He added: ‘The kind of record that we'll make will be something I guess will be more of a statement. Think more Johnny Cash than Tinchy Stryder. You know people don't really buy records like they used to, so we need to kind of do something that's appropriate.’

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