Daltrey: ’I’m no choker’

Roger Daltrey has hit back at critics of his 2010 Super Bowl performance, revealing that he had gone under the knife to remove a pre-cancerous growth from his throat only weeks before the concert.

The singer was panned for not hitting the high notes during The Who's half-time show. But the rocker has now come clean over why he perhaps wasn’t on the top of his game.

In an interview with CBS TV in America Daltrey revealed that friends had put him in touch with throat surgeon after he found his voice wasn't ‘performing in a normal way’ in late 2009.

Daltrey said: ‘It was becoming hard work to sing... He saw me and told me that he didn't like what he saw.’

Then, one week before Christmas in 2009, the My Generation man went under the knife.

‘He took off what he could from the problem area on my vocal cord. He said it wasn't cancer, but it was pre-cancerous, and you have to keep an eye on it,’ the rocker added.

‘Now I see him every time after I finish a tour and he swears that he'll keep me singing into my 80s. That might upset some people, but it keeps me happy.’

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