Damon Albarn to record solo material

Hot rumours out there in Musicland: Blur and Gorillaz star Damon Albarn is apparently due to record a solo album. Maybe he wants to reignite the exciting chart battle he took part in with Oasis back in the mid-90s, and take on Noel Gallagher's flight into solo territory. Probably not though, eh?

Albarn is currently working on another world music project, a charity record with a collection of Western and African musicians, which is to be recorded in the Congo. On top of that he's also working with the Red Hot Chili Pepper's Flea and Tony Allen, as well as writing an Elizabethan Opera called Doctor Dee; busy lad. All that probably means that we won't see this solo material for quite a while yet, and it's only rumours anyway: who reads that much into what 'sources' say, eh? Not us, that's for damn sure. So here's a quote from one.

'Damon's finally ready to make a solo album after years of hiding behind cartoon band Gorillaz and working with collectives of musicians,' said a source to Digital Spy. 'He's looking forward to it and his label bosses at EMI are pleased as it's sure to sell by the bucketload.'

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