Damon Albarn’s World Cup gig

If you’ve always wanted to invade Damon Albarn’s personal space (and we’re not quite sure why you would, have you seen his teeth?) then you better pop the 7th July in your stalker calendar. That’s the day the Gorillaz main man is set to do an intimate DJ set in that there London.

Not only will the Rough Trade East gig be a showcase for some of Damon’s left of centre musical taste but it’s also being billed as a World Cup gig, with one of the semi-finals due to take place that evening. Of course only the optimistic will attend in full England attire, but irrelevant of whoever reaches the last four of the tournament, Albarn’s Africa Express will be there too, knocking out tunes pertaining to the nations in the semi. (For example, Germany - expect a mix of Krautrock and David Hasslehoff.)


Here's the full line up: France vs Mexico – Jamaica (DJ Set) (June 17) England vs Algeria – Honest Jons (DJ set) (18) Cameroon vs Denmark – Cheik Lo (19) England vs Slovenia – DJs to be announced (23)Chile vs Spain – El Guincho (DJ set) (25) Muntu Valdo (28) Afrikan Boy (29) Richy Pitch + M3NSA (July 2) DJs and acts to be announced (3) DJs and acts to be announced (6) Damon Albarn (DJ set) (7)

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