Damon Days

Blur have announced that they will be releasing a new compilation album to tie in with their upcoming reunion mini-tour.

Some people might say this whiffs of the cash-in, but they'd be wrong; Midlife; A Beginners Guide To Blur is apparently being released to give those who didn't get the chance to see the band way back when. Is this an odd reason to release an album just as they go on tour? You decide.

Anyway, it's a two CD album, and the tracklist according to The Quietus is as follows:

  • 'Beetlebum'
  • 'Girls & Boys'
  • 'For Tomorrow'
  • 'Coffee & TV'
  • 'Out Of Time'
  • 'Blue Jeans'
  • 'Song 2'
  • 'Bugman'
  • 'He Thought Of Cars'
  • 'Death Of A Party'
  • 'The Universal'
  • 'Sing'
  • 'This Is A Low'
  • 'Tender'
  • 'She's So High'
  • 'Chemical World'
  • 'Good Song'
  • 'Parklife'
  • 'Advert'
  • 'Popscene'
  • 'Stereotypes'
  • 'Trimm Trabb'
  • 'Badhead'
  • 'Strange News From Another Star'
  • 'Battery In Your Leg'

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