Dan Bull pens letter to Lily Allen

The file sharing war has just heated up a notch with an open letter to Lily Allen penned by a musician called Dan Bull (check out his MySpace.) In the clip, now gone viral on a massive scale, Bull makes some salient points about the whole filesharing row, not only articulating them in a catchy way, but to the tune of Lily Allen's 22.

As well as calling Mz Allen a "Jezebelinternetelevangelist – with a manuscript that was actually written by Mr. Michael Masnick" - he also points out that Lils is a "lass who’s collecting a fat bank cheque from the man, while her fans are collecting the glasses for minimum wage they’ll spend on her tracks." (Truer words never spoken.)

Bull closes his argument with a blinding metaphor: "when you’re between the devil and the deep blue sea, you need to stop worrying about pirates, and adjust your sails." Wouldn't it be sweet justice if this diatribe about pop-piracy was released as a single and made it to the top of the charts? The campaign starts here.......

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