Dane it again

He was never very good at being a pop star. But since those days ended Dane Bowers has done his best to take his fame to Another Level (geddit?) by staying in the tabloids through a succession of daft and dodgy dealings. This, though, is a new low: the former Victoria Beckham musical collaborator (go on, it's OK, you can laugh) has been arrested - and faces possible jail - for intent to supply drugs.

Police received a tip-off that the now-illegal drug mephedrone was being sold at cage-fighting events, which Dane promotes (so that's what he's been up to!). The result was a raid last week that found 'vast quantities of mephedrone, cannabis, cutting agents and other banned highs,' according to the NME.

Now Bowers faces a miserable Christmas while he awaits trial in January. Fair to say if he does go to jail, he won't want his cellmates to Freak Him...

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