Dappy's a carp fishing nut

Of all the people you might expect to be into carp fishing, Dappy from N-Dubz isn't one of them: The pop star is more street than bank, more bling than tackle bag. However it turns out that both he and Fazer love to relax on the bank, whiling away the hours while they tease in carp after carp. Good times.

Dapy was the cover star of the latest Total Carp, and he told the magazine that he much preferred to spend his new found wealth on reels and rods rather than cars and houses. He even claims to get more of a rush from angling than he does from performing. Doesn't this make you warm to him a little bit more?

'People who haven't been carp fishing simply don't know what they are missing out on,' said Dappy. 'I once spent eight grand in a tackle shop. Fazer (his N-Dubz bandmate) and I have looked into buying a lake in France. And I don't want to give too much away but there are plans for a TV show.'

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