Dark Knight

If you had any interest in hip-hop in the early 90s, you knew who Suge Knight was, and you made sure that you stayed well away from him in the following situations: you owed him money; he owed you money; you wanted something from him; he wanted something from you. In fact, unless you were heavily involved in organised crime and were packing some serious heat, you basically wanted to steer clear of him completely.

But the man hasn’t changed his ways from his Death Row Records heyday, despite his advancing slide into middle age. The 43-year-old was arrested yesterday morning for assault with a deadly weapon, after he allegedly pointed a gun at someone in the south side of LA, before scarpering.

Police then pulled him over, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, he was also ‘booked’, as they say in the States, for driving on a suspended license. Oh dear. He is currently being held on a $65,000 bail, not great news given that he is facing Kanye West in court in Miami in Dceember, who he is suing after a shooting at a party that West was hosting in LA.

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