Dave Grohl sues Scissor Sisters

Anyone who has ever seen an uninvited t-word will understand this - Dave Grohl is taking legal action against the Scissor Sisters after he caught sight of one of lead singer Jack Shears’ testicles.

The Foo Fighters’ lead growler got the eyeballful after attending a recent a Scissor Sisters gig and has now filed a $75 million compensation lawsuit on the band. Blubbling through a heartbroken wall of tears in a candid video on the band’s website, poor Dave said, ‘It started getting really hot in there and Jake Shears was singing and he took off his clothes... and I saw his testicle! I saw his balls. I heard screams and then I started to feel dizzy and then I started to feel sick’.

Our thoughts are with you DG, our thoughts are with you. Watch the video below...

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