Dave Navarro apologises for Reading and Leeds no-show

Jane's Addiction fans at Reading and Leeds Festivals were left disappointed this weekend after the band had to pull out, singer Perry Farrell's illness forcing them to abandon their shows. Guitarist Dave Navarro has apologised to fans, and explained why they couldn't play. Although he hasn't said exactly what it was Farrell was ill with. Suspicious, no?

'We got in the day before the show and went straight to rehearsals,' he said to the NME. 'While we were doing that Perry starting feeling a little under the weather so we stopped and called a doctor. He came and checked him out and prescribed him some medication and told him to rest. As we'd cancelled Reading once before in 1990 we were absolutely dedicated to playing the show so Perry followed doctors orders and rested.

'We got on site, before we play we have this little room backstage where we warm up and get ready and we were in there, all set to play. Perry was dressed and had his inner ear monitors in and we go to start and literally nothing came out of his voice. So we called a festival doctor, who came straight away and diagnosed Perry with an upper respiratory infection and told him that speaking, let alone singing, was out of the question.

'We're more than sincerely apologetic to all our fans who came to see us. We were all gutted, so gutted. We love playing here. But we've got to take care of him. If he'd pushed it and played then he could have really injured himself. People had to tell him he couldn't play, because he sure wanted to. He took every precaution and really tried to not let it get him.'

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