David Bowie: New Exhibition in New York

A new exhibition called ‘David Bowie, Artist’ is set to open in New York on May 9th.

A statement issued by the Museum of Art and Design, where the exhbition will be held suggests that it looks to bring about ch-ch-ch-changes in the way that Bowie is perceived through ‘expand[ing] past his notoriety as a musician’ and focussing on ‘the too-often-overlooked diversity and multifaceted nature of Bowie’s total artistic output’.

madmuseum.org describes the upcoming exhibition as a ‘multi-platform retrospective re-framing Bowie’s daring, multi-discipline career as that of an artist working primarily in performance.’ The one-off exhibit will include a whole range of Bowie-related sound and vision; including rare interviews, kiosks playing music videos and concert footage in addition to screenings of his films including ‘The Hunger’ and a new print of ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’.

The exhibition which is set to run to July 15th, will present Bowie as no less than ‘one of the most iconoclastic cultural producers of the 20th century’. Now, how to get to New York?..

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