David Bowie's Space Oddity turned into a children's book

David Bowie fans (and there are many), be prepared for possibly the best tribute made to the Thin White Duke in the history of his long career: Space Oddity has been turned into a children's book by an enthusiastic fan and graphic designer Andrew Kolb.

The Canadian has illustrated the lyrics for an online book, which is available free from his website. You can either download it directly here, or watch the whole thing on YouTube. We've kindly embedded the video for you to watch. Isn't that nice?

'It was one thing to make images that corresponded to the lyrics, but it was another to try to make it function as a visual story on top of that,' said Kolb, who is also looking for support to turn his project into a physical version. 'It's been really cool hearing all these different interpretations of the lyrics, and all I can say is that the approach I took was the one that translated best to an image-based story.'

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