David De Gea's girlfriend Edurne to represent Spain at Eurovision 2015

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Pop star Edurne has been selected to represent Spain in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest after being chosen internally by national broadcaster TVE. The singer, who has been dating Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea for about 4 years now, will be performing a song titled Amanecer which means Dawn.

After the big reveal, Edurne revealed just how happy she is to participate on behalf of her nation. She said "Perhaps this is the most important thing that has happened in my career ever. I know it's a huge challenge and a huge responsibility and I will give it my best shot."

The singer is a huge star in her home nation after appearing on the TV show Operación Triunfo, the Spanish version of Pop Idol, in 2005. The song Amanecer will be sung entirely in Castilian to inject a bit of patriotism in what Edurne has described as an upbeat pop number. She is faced with the challenge of bring home a first Eurovision crown for Spain in 55 years.

The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Vienna after Conchita Wurst took the competition by storm in 2014 for an Austrian win. Contestants will duke it out initially in two semi-finals which take place on May 19th and May 21st and then the cream of the crop will take part in the final on May 23rd.

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