David Lynch single!

Well, this is a turn up for the old books. David Lynch, legendary surrealist director of the mighty Twin Peaks and Mullholland Drive is to release an electro album, and today he’s announced details of the first single from it.

The single is a double A-side titled ‘Good Day Today’ / ‘I Know’ and you can download it from Davidlynch.com. Talking about his new venture through the record label Sunday Best, Lynch said, ‘I am very happy to be with Sunday Best with the songs 'Good Day Today' and 'I Know'. This feels like a good partnership and I’m looking forward to everyone having a good day today. In all my films, I have always been very involved with all that one hears. The creation of this record was a natural extension of my love of sound and music.’

Listen to 'Good Day Today' below, and as one young YouTuber summarised nicely ‘I am twelve years old and what is this?’

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