Dead rich!

Want to make a million? Then one way to do it is to die. Of course, we can’t give you a guarantee that this will happen but it’s definitely worked for the artists formerly known as alive, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

Although it seems like only yesterday that the money stats for dead celebs were released, Forbes have released another list of the top earning dead celebs. Wacko Jacko comes top with a £173m salary, Elvis at number 2 with £38m and Lord Of The Rings scribbler JRR Tolkien at number 3 with £32m.

The top earning late celebs of the last 12 months are;
1. Michael Jackson - $275m
2. Elvis Presley - $60m
3. JRR Tolkien - $50m
4. Charles Schulz - $33m
5. John Lennon - $17m

Don’t you wish you were dead?

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