Dear catastrophe diary...

The singer from indie band Belle and Sebastian, Stuart Murdoch, is due to publish his first book next month. It may come as no surprise that the frontman of a group which takes its name from the French children’s book Belle and Sébastien will be making a contribution to the literary world, but Murdoch’s offering is no work of fiction. The Celestial Café is a collection of the Glaswegian’s diary entries from around the time of the Dear Catastrophe Waitress LP.

When asked by drowned in sound why he had chosen this particular period, Murdoch revealed: 'It coincided with a period when I was very busy with the group, and it was a time when I was single, and all these circumstances added up so that every night I would come home and write my diary.'

It may not sound particularly rock and roll, but Murdoch reveals that he ‘squeezed every last drop of hedonism’ out of his life at this time and was ‘mortified’ when he found out that his mum had read it.

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